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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of studying with Training Three Sixty?

Training Three-Sixty makes certain that the programs are offered in a way that encourages students to participate actively in the learning process, and that student evaluations reflect this approach.

The institution strives to use different learning strategies such as adopting the VARK system in the curriculum.

The institution envisages to practice student-centred learning and teaching by implementing Knowles principles to learning whereby the institution considers the diversity of students and their needs, allowing for flexible learning paths for self-growth.

The institution encourages active student participation and will have in place a channel of communication which enables continuous communication which enables continuous communication between the tutor and adult learners and between adult learners themselves

How do I apply for a course?

Upon sending your request to enrol in the training course, you will receive a student registration form to fill-in your personal details

With your application, you will be required you to submit the following scanned documents:  

  • CV

  • Academic certificates/qualification, 

  • Identification (Residence card/ID card/passport) 

A letter of admission will be issued once your application is vetted and accepted. 

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course upon registration, either in one payment or you can choose flexible payment terms

The first payment should be made prior to the first lesson.  

No interest charges will apply if you choose flexible payment terms

Am I eligible for a training funding scheme?

Courses leading to MQF level 5  or higher, if approved by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, are automatically eligible for the Get Qualified Scheme. 

Under the Get Qualified Scheme, all students are entitled to claim 70% of the training cost 

You can follow this link to get the know more:

How can I access learning material?

Training Three-Sixty will be providing a digital platform for all students.

The institute will be uploading lecture notes, interesting journals and free e-books for all students and tutors to access. 

How can I submit a complaint?

Training Three Sixty takes all student concerns, whether formal or informal, extremely seriously and handles them quickly and efficiently and addressed in the strictest of confidence.

If a student has a complaint or appeal, it must be made in writing and addressed to the Head of Institute through email on:

Students can also talk to their Training Three Sixty Tutor about any non-academic concerns they're having.

When a complaint is received an acknowledgement by email is issued, and normal complaints are addressed with immediate action. 

Will my certificate be recognised abroad?

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA), which is the national authority that accredits all further and higher education institutions in Malta, has fully approved Training Three Sixty as a Further and Higher Training Institution.

The certificate accreditation is in line with the Bologna Process, which is a higher education cooperation initiative that brings together 49 nations (including Malta) in the so-called "European Higher Education Area”. All signatories must agree to use a common credit system (ECTS) to facilitate mutual recognition of study programs and to work together to assure quality assurance.

Your certificate will be legally recognized all across the world.

Can I apply for a refund?

Training Three Sixty has a policy in place to secure refund for students who need to exit the course. 

Pro-rata refunds in the form of a non-transferrable credit note, is issued to students who decide to exit the course for a good and sufficient cause backed by evidence,  which needs to be accepted by Training Three Sixty. 

All courses are subject to availability, and there is no guarantee that the course will be offered within the same year.

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