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Useful Information

Student Recruitment

Adult learners will be encouraged to make contact by email to show their interest to apply for the course.

As soon as the adult learner makes contact, the admin team will send out the Learning Outcomes programme which will indicate the learning outcomes, mode of assessment for each module, the MQF level, length of course and mode of delivery. Furthermore, the Admission Form with the student's details will be sent out in the same email.

All our MQF level 5 award programmes require the adult learner to be competent in reading, writing and communicating in basic English, whilst basic computer literacy is also required.

Information and Data Management 

The information supplied in the application form shall be used exclusively by Training Three sixty for record keeping and verification purposes. Personal information provided on this application form is protected and used in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Apart from managing data about student records, the Management will be collecting data to analyse the performance of the Training Institute. The data will be transposed on a report that provide key performance metrics such as: student population profile; student progress, success, and drop-out rates; and student satisfaction with programs. This data will help the training institute to take actions and to develop a strategic vision in line with the mission of Training Three-Sixty.

Only students’ names, surnames and academic records for the purpose of issuing academic transcripts or certificates shall be kept for a prescribed period. All data which is collected will be used and retained in line with GDPR.

Standards and guidelines for internal quality assurance

Training Three-Sixty takes internal Audits very seriously and bases its criteria on the National Quality Assurance Frameworks for Further and Higher Education issued in July 2015. The following are the guidelines and principles that Training Three Sixty adopts to approach internal audits to ensure that the quality standards required are being met.

The standards for internal quality assurance that will be adopted by Training Three-Sixty are listed hereunder:

  1. Standards for Internal Quality Assurance

  2. Institutional Probity

  3. Design and Approval of Programme

  4. Student Centre learning, teaching and assessment

  5. Student admission, progression, recognition, and certification

  6. Teaching staff admission, progression, and recognition

  7. Learning Resources and Student Support

  8. Information Management

  9. Public Information

  10. On-going monitoring and periodic review if programmes

  11. Cyclical external quality assurance

Learning Resources and Student Support

Training Three-Sixty will make available student resources and student support throughout their learning experience by providing accessible learning resources and continuous support through discussion forums, e-mails, phone, and one-on-one meetings.

Apart from the online resources, the institution will be suggesting further reading about the module of students as listed on the programme accreditation form. Additionally, the institution will provide to student with resources such as newspaper cuttings, journals, videos etc

Training Three Sixty will provide guidance to prospective students about the programme of studies through counselling and will offer support to tutors in their task to deliver the course.

Training three-sixty will make available online a library of journals and free e-books for the students to further their knowledge in their area of studies.

In line with Knowles teaching on adult learning one of our primary concerns is relevance of subject to adult learners so prior to the actual course the tutors will carry out an analysis of the adult learners composition to ensure relevancy of subject.

Procedures against intolerance of any kind or discrimination against the students or staff

Training Three-Sixty will strive to maintain and provide, in accordance with the law, a positive, dignified, discrimination and harassment free work environment, a harmonious relationship amongst employees and students where everyone is treated with respect and to prevent any type of harassment during the teaching and learning experience.

Training Three sixty has a zero-tolerance policy against age, gender, race/ethnic origin, colour, religion, disability, political opinion, and sexual orientation

Learning Outcomes

Training Three-Sixty will ensure that any designed training programme, is designed with the knowledge required that the course will be delivered 100% online This means that Training Three-Sixty will avoid lecture mirroring whereby tutors will be not be using traditional methodology by giving a lesson online. Tutors are instructed to make best use of the technology software available which reflect a modern pedagogical approach to online learning. 

Training three-Sixty will ensure that all programmes delivered are accredited by the MFHEA and shall follow all the programme accreditation procedure and instructions of the Authority based on Learning Outcomes and ECTS.

To keep abreast with the teaching and learning requirements, the Head of Institute will keep himself/ herself informed of all the advancements within the learning industry.

Furthermore, the Head of Institute will keep himself/herself aware of the Lifelong learning policy, so that the operations and curriculum design is in line with the requirement of such policy, which is written in line with the required European Standards Framework to reach to create a community of learners, to be able to address the social need of future employment and employability. 

Curriculum Design

Training three-sixty endeavours to provide a vast array of learning projects in order to achieve the learning outcomes which may include role-plays, team work, inverted learning, case studies, and different kind of assignments like quizzes, self-reflection, mentimeter, pollseverywhere and google feedback forms.

Collection of Data/GDPR

Training Three Sixty will process personal data, provided in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

Personal data will be processed for the purpose of managing data related activities to analyse the performance of the training institute.  Such process is legally permissible under Article 6(1)(f) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) as necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the training institute, which are the solicitation, evaluation, and performance of the training institute.

Personal data is stored on secure cloud systems and with providers of secure information storage. Training Three Sixty will not share or exchange any personal data unnecessarily to or with any third party without first obtaining your written consent or transfer your data outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”) unless compelled by law or authorised/ordered by a court or adjudicating body of a competent jurisdiction.

Only students’ names, surnames and academic records for the purpose of issuing academic transcripts or certificates shall be kept for a period of 40 years. Data of Requirements b to e of the said standard 8 shall be kept in an anonymised manner following the retention period which is of 4 years from the date of graduation. This is in line with GDPR

What will be retained on students’ files.

On the student file, the following records will be kept:

  • Admission record and student details form

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Attendance record

  • Essay and Exam write-ups

  • Student Records Sheet

  • Copy of Certificate  

  • Any other relevant information

Under the GDPR and Maltese relevant legislation, you have the right to request Training Three Sixty for access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of processing of your personal data and, in certain circumstances, the right to object to processing of your personal data as well as the right to data portability.

In addition, the student may lodge a complaint with Training Three Sixty on how the students personal is handled by contact the Head of Institute in line with the complaint handling policy, as outlined in this document, to have the matter investigated. In the event that you are not satisfied with the Company’s response, you can then file a complaint with the Malta Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner by accessing the following link:

Student Complaint Procedure

Training Three Sixty takes all student concerns, whether formal or informal, extremely seriously and handles them quickly and efficiently.

Complaints are taken seriously and addressed in the strictest of confidence. If a student has a complaint or appeal, it must be made in writing and addressed to the Head of Institute through email.

Students can also talk to their Training Three Sixty Tutor about any non-academic concerns they're having.

When a complaint is received an acknowledgement by email is issued.

All complaints will be dealt with immediate action, and will be addressed within five working days.

Academic Fraud

Training three-sixty, through its organisational structure, has a comprehensive procedure to ensure that academic standards are being observed, including continuous evaluation of assignments, evaluation of examination marks, and an annual review of the course and curriculum framework by collecting feedback from clients regarding their experience of study with Training Three-Sixty. This is the effort that Training Three-Sixty will be incorporating in its operations to ensure that it is treading in line with the missions and values of the training institute whilst ensuring that the targeted learning outcomes are addressed when the course is completed. Furthermore, with potential further growth, Training Three-Sixty will be implementing tools such as that provide extra assurance that learners are displaying academic integrity. Also, during exams adult learners must keep their camera on all the time which needs to be focussed on them. 

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